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Augmented Reality NFT
Feast at the Auction. Ladies with an ermine. A blue-blooded animal served at the gourmet table. They dream of drinking its blood and want to possess its skin.

Now it feeds the veins of living corpses and shines with its snow-white fur, decorating the bodies of pretty ladies. Then it will become a stuffed animal in the interior of high-ranking personas, leaving behind only a token in the digital air
Allegory to the state of art 2021.

While the intellectuals decide who will get the most valuable piece of it, a creature is tortured by the appraisals of its value.
There will be those who will preserve the clarity of mind and purity of gaze, bearing enlightenment and immortality of art. Similar to Cecillia Galerani from Leonardo's "Lady with an Ermine", about which, after seeing the picture, the poet Bernardo Bellincione (1452-1492) wrote in "Sopra il ritratto di Madonna Cecilia, qual fece Leonardo":
"…so great, so radiant Cecilia's beauty,
the sun looks dark, against her lovely eyes.
His the portrayal, yours is all the glory:
we see sealed lips, imagine open ears".

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